Web design for small businesses and NGOs
based in Edinburgh.

It’s not about us, it’s about you.

We support diversity and originality of expression. Small businesses, NGOs, and educational institutions have power to change community, power to change local thinking, and power to communicate values.

We create design that helps you do your best work.

What can we do for you.



Fully responsive, fast loading, 100% secure website that suits your business identity. Developed in WordPress, designed in Figma, built with Elementor, customized by our codes.


Design of user interface (UI) including sketching, prototyping, and vector graphics.


Everything that your website needs to communicate your business values and present its identity. Web copy, imiges, articles on related topics.


We build all web sites with SEO in mind. This means that each title, text, word, or imige is search engine optimized. So people can easily find you.


Are you selling something great but don't have a website yet? We're huge fans of hand-made, eco-friendly, or simply original products. Let us build you an awesome e-shop.


With us your website is 100% green. We use exclusively Kualo green hosting services.
And it gets even better. We donate 5% of our revenues to the Fiona Oakes' Animal Sanctuary.

Philosophy behind
our design.

“Keep it simple, because simple design is: understandable, visualy pleasant,
well organized.”

First, we think about a concept. Then, we write stunning web copy. After that we sketch a prototype of your UI using Figma software. Then, we build your new website in WordPress using Elementor page builder and write additional code. Finally, we test your new website with UX in mind.

And then we do it all again and again, until everything is perfect – because we don’t mess with you.

Let’s see if we’re good enough for you.

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The thing about productivity

What does it mean to be productive?
All the things about the productivity that’s been bugging me for a while.

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New articles in progress.
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Who's behind your new visual identity.

Hello, I'm Mirka

...and I do the best websites in the whole world. All I know I've learnt practicing coding for hours and hours. Also, I'm an expert doing great vector graphics, so prepare because your visual identity is going to be complete badass.

Drop me a message. mirka@noidentity.co.uk

Hello, I'm Scarlett

...and I'm bit of a dreamer. I believe design can change the world. All it requires is someone who knows how to present an information. I do it by coding perfect visuals that communicate your values and identity.

Drop me a message. scarlett@noidentity.co.uk

This section should say something about us. Preferably, something that’s connected with our web design work. But instead of telling your that we’re skilled in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and all the boring stuff, we’ll share with your our passion for ecology, dedication to philosophy, and joy of art.

The things outside your work are those that shape your business.
Let’s make a great design that suits your identity.

We care about nature – and believe that there is always more we can do to preserve it. Small acts of awareness are those that make a huge difference. That’s why we were so happy when we found out about these 100% recycled business cards made from cotton T-Shirt leftovers.

Art changes society. Today, design is more popular than anytime before. It only takes one picture on the bag, one poster on the bus stop, or one website with a great visual identity that can make people think differently. And that’s why we enjoy to be around the art and make it too.

The things outside your work are those that shape your business.

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